Well-Deserved Accolades

Congratulations to friend of The Actuarial Foundation, Josh Neubert, on being recognized with an SOA Presidential Award!

Every year, the current president of the Society of Actuaries (SOA) recognizes outstanding individuals during that president’s term. In 2021, Foundation Emeritus Trustee and SOA President Roy Goldman, Ph.D., FSA, MAAA, CERA, honored Josh Neubert, CEO of the Institute of Competition Sciences, the Foundation’s partner for the Modeling the Future Challenge high school math competition, with an SOA Presidential Award.

During the SOA Presidential Luncheon on Oct. 26, Roy shared how he was impressed by Josh’s contributions to carry the program forward. As a Founding Sponsor of the MTFC, Roy works closely with Josh in developing and promoting the MTFC competition every year. “I led the committee that conceived the program, but we never could have carried it off or grown the program without Josh’s contacts and know-how,” Roy explained. “Josh [helps us] not only explain the competition, but to educate [high school teachers and students] as to what actuaries do and the skills that we have.”

Congratulations, Josh! This recognition is extremely well-deserved. We are so proud to partner with you on the Modeling the Future Challenge.