This video resource library will help you understand how to do the logistical aspects of the MTFC such as registering a team, adding team members, assigning your coach, and uploading your submissions. Also take a look a some of our interviews with actuaries, teachers, and students who provide insider advice, guidance, and career information for MTFC participants.

Informational Videos

Introduction to the Challenge Webinar

This first webinar provides a basic introduction to the Modeling the Future Challenge. If you are new to the program, this will be valuable information about how the Challenge works.

2023-24 Scenario Phase Workshop

This webinar provides an overview to the Scenario Quest that teams will complete for Phase 1: Scenarios. We are joined be Casey Zuzak from FEMA and the National Risk Index with a tool teams looking to investigate risks due to natural disasters may find valuable, as noted in this news article.

Mitigating Natural Disasters with NASA

This webinar explores how NASA is helping to solve the chaotic challenges of disaster mitigation and resilience. 


This webinar provided students the opportunity to ask questions to NASA and FEMA experts to inform their projects.

Selecting a Model for the MTFC

In this video, mentor Susan walks through what to consider when choosing a math model for your project.

How to Connect Different Data Sets

In this video, mentor Kyle explains how to use your base model to bring in new data sets.

How to Build Models Using Excel

In this video, mentor Paul uses data from COVID cases to help his team build a regression model using Excel.

How to Explore Data

In this video, mentor Danielle explains the importance of data exploration.

How to Use Current Data for Future Predictions

In this video, the team asks where they should focus their data. Mentor Steve explains how to use present data to build a model that might be able to predict what will happen in the future.

Other Math Modeling Tools

In this video, mentor Alberto shares other tools that you can use besides Excel to create your models.

Importance of Teamwork & Communication

In this video, mentor Steve gives general tips about the importance of communication, team work, and using provided resources.


Ask An Actuary: Derek Jansen

Each part of this video series features interviews on an actuary’s personal journey with their career and provides insider guidance and tips on completing the Actuarial Process for your MTFC project!

Ask An Actuary: Nana Coleman

Nana Coleman gives us interesting and valuable information about performing research and finding data as a function of the Actuarial Process.

Ask An Actuary: Tony Pistilli (Actuarial Career)

Tony Pistilli, Director of Actuarial Services at Optum, gives us fascinating insight into his career as an actuary and what it takes to make it!

Ask An Actuary: Laura Mitchell

In this webinar, hear from actuary Laura Mitchell as she answers questions about her role as an actuary, how she defines problems within the actuarial process, and how she uses data and research to model risks and propose recommendations.

Ask An Actuary: Nate Worrell

Nate Worrell is a Customer Support Actuary at Moody’s Analytics. At the conclusion of this video, Nate provides insight on selecting an MTFC project topic.

Ask An Actuary: Olivia Zhang & Zhixin Wu

Actuaries Olivia Zhang & Zhixin Wu answer questions about their roles as actuaries and how they identifies risks.

Ask An Actuary: Helen Williams

In this webinar, actuary Helen Williams shares how she begins her research by identifying her main research question, information that will be very valuable to you in your MTFC project!

Ask An Actuary: Briea Moyer

In this webinar, actuary Briea Moyers shares about the most exciting project she has had the opportunity to work on.

Think Like An Actuary: Mary Pat Campbell

Actuary Mary Pat Campbell discusses how she chooses which type of mathematical model to use when conducting a risk analysis.

Think Like An Actuary: Shane Leib

Shane Leib, Director and Actuary at Moody’s Analytics, tells us how he thinks actuaries can ensure their predictions and recommendations are as accurate as possible.

Think Like An Actuary: Paul Heffernan

In this webinar, we hear from actuary Paul Heffernan as he answers questions about how he tests the accuracy of risk mitigation strategies that he recommends.

Teacher to Teacher Series: Dickson Benesh

Check out our webinar with educator Dickson Benesh on how he guides his students through academic competitions!

Teacher to Teacher Series: Steve Goodman

Teacher Steve Goodman shares his experience leading students in the Modeling the Future Challenge.

Teacher to Teacher Series: Alberto Dominguez

Check out our Teacher-to-Teacher Webinar recording educator host and former actuary, Alberto Dominguez!

Student to Student Series: Shravani Khrista

Check out this quick video with Modeling the Future student, Shravani Khrista on her experience in the Challenge!

Student to Student Series: Katherine Wang

Check out this quick video with Modeling the Future student, Katherine Wang on her experience in the Challenge!