Unveiling the 2023-2024 Modeling the Future Challenge Finalists

Join us in celebrating the finalists of the 2023-2024 Modeling the Future Challenge! This prestigious national scholarship competition offers high school students the chance to predict the future, delve into real-world topics, and make recommendations.

During the Challenge, students assume the role of aspiring actuaries by completing a math modeling project and presenting their research to a panel of actuary judges, enabling them to utilize their mathematical and data science skills to analyze global issues and drive change.

From a pool of 680 high school juniors and seniors across 152 Semi-Finalist teams nationwide, 65 exceptional students comprising 15 teams have emerged as finalists. These young mathematicians will now have the opportunity to showcase their ingenuity and subject matter expertise at the upcoming 2024 Modeling the Future Challenge Virtual Symposium.

Among the finalists, a wide array of project topics reflect the diverse applications of actuarial science. Hailing from institutions spanning coast to coast, these following teams will be moving on to compete for $55,000 in prizes:

Alabama School of Fine Arts, Birmingham, Alabama: Monisha Bommu, Srihansi Sagi, Prisha Sharma, and Harini Chakilam, with their project, “Mitigating Socioeconomic, Environmental, and Lifestyle Factors on Obesity Rates in the United States”. Coach: Cecil Flournoy.

Legion of Learners group, Bethel Island, California: Winston Gu, Iris Li, Mengze Li, Clark Peng, and Maxwell Zhou, with their project, “Dive Deep in the Web: Battling Counterfeits in E-commerce”. Coach: Mei Leng.

Maggie L. Walker Governor’s School, Richmond, Virginia: Yeeva Chunnanond, Rachel Dai, Ansa Kanwal, Sruthi Vegunta, and Natalie Xie, with their project, “THESE FIRES BE WILDIN’: Risk Evaluation Wildfire Insurance Coverage in California”. Coach: Dickson Benesh.

Massachusetts Academy of Math & Science at WPI, Worcester, Massachusetts: Sophia Caramanica, Anthony DeRosa, Derek Desrosiers, Lindsey Paradise, and Heidy Rodriguez, with their project, “We’ll Whether the Weather”. Coach: Kristen Burns.

Memphis University School, Memphis, Tennessee: Alan Cheng, Bryan Ding, Eshaan Patnaik, Jerry Xiao, and Evan Wu, with their project, “Brighten the Future: Restoring Power to the United States”. Coach: Steve Gadbois.

Newton North High School, Newton, Massachusetts: Ethan Hu, Alex Kuai, and Yuhan Wu, with their project, “The Charged Tempest: Assessing Hurricane Impacts on Power Grid Integrity and Social Consequences”. Coach: Michele MacDonald.

Karina Chung, Maya Figelman, Avnish Kumar, Davis Rattanavijai, and Tsubasa Tamura, with their project, “From Oasis to Opportunity: Replenish the Future”. Coach: Michele MacDonald.

Rancho Bernardo High School, San Diego, California: Aadit Jain, Robert Morrison, Andy Ryou, Aiden Ryou, and Pukaphol Thienpreecha, with their project, “Education Funding’s Effect on Socioeconomic Status of a Country”. Coach: Jamal Felton.

Santa Teresa High School, San Jose, California: Christian Cerrato, Maximiliano Gutierrez, Trina Vo, and Alexander Yashiro, with their project, “Analysis of Artificial Intelligence in Employment”. Coach: Channy Cornejo.

Stevenson High School, Lincolnshire, Illinois: Diana Tang and Qi Zhang, with their project, “Fighting Diabetes: An Analysis of Risk and Solutions to America’s Diabetes Crisis”. Coach: Qin Zhao

Jaden Chen, Audrey Hong, Aaroh Tak, and Lillian Wang, with their project, “Risk Analysis of the Causes of Food Deserts”. Coach: Paul Kim.

Angela Guo, Aaron Gan, Vidushi Gupta, Jeffrey Lu, and Ethan Zhang, with their project, “The Math Behind the Mass: An Investigation of Obesity Dynamics”. Coach: Paul Kim.

Vedant Rathi, Chinmay Bandapalli, Krish Chatterjee, and Aarush Katta, with their project, “Guardians of the Digital Galaxy: Predictive Modeling for Cyberbullying Prevention”. Coach: Paul Kim.

West Ranch High School, Stevenson Ranch, California: Jayden Cho, Kent Gao, Omkar Guha, and Brandon Chang, with their project, “An Analysis on the role of Snap Inc.’s Snapchat on Surging Cases in California Amidst the U.S. National Fentanyl Crisis”. Coach: Michelle McCormick.

Whitney High School, Cerritos, California: Ethan Choi, Ethan Hui, Stanley Kim, Athreya Sriram, and Jaden Han, with their project, “An Analysis of Obesity and the Impact on the Labor Market in the United States”. Coach: Steven Ou.

In the spirit of fostering innovation, the 2023-2024 Challenge adopted an open-theme approach, allowing students to identify their own research project topics. Top categories for this year’s Challenge included social and community needs, healthcare/injuries, climate change, drug addiction and mental health, and natural disasters.

Across the board, this year’s competition was intense as each team meticulously analyzed historical data and employed the Actuarial Process to construct their models.

Finalist teams will present their models at the Virtual Modeling the Future Challenge Symposium on April 29 – May 3, 2024! This virtual gathering promises an immersive experience, offering participants access to career sessions, interactive activities, and other unique experiences crafted in collaboration with the Foundation’s corporate sponsors and volunteers.

As these bright students come together to share their insights, they not only exemplify academic excellence, but also demonstrate determination in shaping a better future. We eagerly look forward to seeing all the incredible things they will achieve.