University Partners

The Modeling the Future Challenge collaborates with universities across the United States to help high school students take the next steps in their mathematical careers. University Partners help high school educators from their region learn about actuarial science and the Modeling the Future Challenge by hosting training workshops during the spring and summer months. To see a current list of training workshops, please visit the MTF Challenge Events page.

Universities with actuarial programs or math departments with an actuarial focus are invited to become official University Partners of the Modeling the Future Challenge. University Partners host outreach and training events for high school math educators or students in their region, and help connect faculty mentors and college students to local MTF challenge teams as mentors. If you work at a university and would like more information about becoming an official Modeling the Future University Partner, please contact:


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Central Washington University, Mathematics Department

Central Washington University is one of only three in the Pacific Northwest that offers a BS degree in actuarial science. It is ranked as an advanced undergraduate program by the Society of Actuaries for its rigorous curriculum that covers many of the preliminary actuarial exams. The program has three full-time, tenured faculty members with PhDs in the fields of probability, statistics, and actuarial science. For 40 years, CWU’s actuarial science program has maintained an external advisory group from alumni in Seattle, Portland, and Phoenix. The group is actively involved with current students, providing networking, support, and mentorship. For more information.

Contact: Professor Yvonne Chueh, PhD, ASA, Mathematics Department

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DePauw University, Mathematics Department

Actuarial science majors at DePauw learn to use tools from mathematics, statistics and finance to measure the impact of risk in order to improve forecasting and decision-making in business and government. Our actuarial curriculum prepares students well for passing intensive actuarial exams and becoming credentialed actuaries in the future. Students are also mentored for internship and career development. For more information.

Contact: Dr. Zhixin Wu, Ph.D, ASA & MAAA, Associate Professor, Chair, Department of Mathematics

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Youngstown State University

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics in the College of STEM at Youngstown State is proud to partner with the Modeling the Future Challenge. Youngstown State is located in northeastern Ohio and features a growing actuarial science program housed in its Department of Mathematics and Statistics. For more information.

Contact: Thomas P. Wakefield, Professor and Acting Chair, Department of Mathematics and Statistics

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Department of Mathematics and Statistics at UNC Charlotte

The Actuarial Science Program at UNC Charlotte is housed in the Math Department and is ranked by the SOA as an advanced undergraduate program. It has approximately 75 Math and Math for Business majors with an Actuarial Science Concentration. We are looking forward to working with local high school teams on the MTF Challenge. For more information.

Contact: Dr. Wafaa Shaban

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Drake University School of Actuarial Science and Risk Management

Drake’s School of Actuarial Science and Risk Management is one of just 16 universities in the United States to be recognized as a Center of Actuarial Excellence by the Society of Actuaries. Students benefit from our location in one of the insurance capitals of the world, high caliber and experienced faculty, and a curriculum that combines mathematics and statistics with many business disciplines. For more information.

Contact:Professor Susan Watson

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UW-Eau Claire Department of Mathematics

The University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire has approximately 130 actuarial science majors and is designated as an “Advanced Curriculum” program by the Society of Actuaries. The actuarial program at UW-Eau Claire is housed in the Department of Mathematics and is supported by four faculty members, two of which are Fellows of the Society of Actuaries with a combined 16+ years of professional, actuarial experience. For more information.


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Maryville University

Maryville University is looking forward to working with high school teams in the area on the MTF Challenge. For more information.

Contact: Professor Guangwei Fan