The following Webinars will be presented to provide information about the competition, processes, and tips to be successful with MF. Please login or create an account if you do not already have one to register for the webinars, this will help ensure you get all the latest information about the competition and don't miss your chance at the final awards!

Engaging Your Students in the MTF Challenge

May 8, 1pm PST

Synopsis: This webinar introduced the competition and provided an overview of the support systems educators and their students may want to use in preparing submissions to the challenge. The link to the pdf document below provides access to the slides from this webinar.

Access the webinar slides here: Webinar1 - Intro - May 8 - Slides


Engage Students in Applied Math with Actuarial Science!

July 11, 1pm PST

Synopsis: Actuarial Science is the perfect example of real-world, applied mathematics. In this webinar we had two volunteer actuarial mentors join us to talk about how to use the challenge to engage your students in Math! The  TAF also announced its Educator Math Grant Recipients, and we shared additional tools, tips, and resources for the MTF Challenge.

Access the webinar slides here: Webinar2 - July 11 - Slides - FINAL

Autonomous Vehicles and Actuarial Science!

September 19, 1pm PST

Synopsis: In this webinar we will discuss the technologies behind autonomous vehicles and examine some of the data sources that are available for the MTF Challenge.


  • Introductions
  • Autonomous Technologies and potential Impacts
  • MTF Data Sources - where you can find what.
  • What’s Next?

Completing Successful Submissions

October 17, 1pm PST

Synopsis: Give your teams the best opportunity to make the finals by following a simple checklist of do's and don’ts.


  • Introductions
  • Tools and Tips for Successful Submissions
  • Q&A
  • Review of Deadlines and What’s Next for teams.

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