Reference Files

This page includes files you can download or view online that may be useful in creating your MTF Challenge submissions, or getting other students involved in working on it with you! These references are files that have been created by the MTF Challenge management team for your support. If you have any questions about the files or other resources, please contact us by emailing:


Educator's Guide

The Educator's Guide is an overall review of all aspects of the challenge. It is written to help educators understand how to engage students in the MTF Challenge and gain benefits for their classroom through the program. The guide includes sections such as submission tips, recommended processes for your team, and background information on the challenge topic, among other things. Any educator looking to engage their students in math through the MTF Challenge should start with the Educator's Guide!


Marketing Flier

This 2-page pdf flier can be used to engage others in the Modeling the Future Challenge. It provides all the basic background information about the challenge and is a great way to help provide some initial information to your colleagues. Feel free to download and send the marketing flier to anyone in your network who you think might be interested in participating.

Template Submission Report

This template for your submission report provides a basic structure and tips for each section of your submission. Teams are not required to use this template or follow any of the submission tips in the report. It was created only as a guide to help you understand in more depth what the judging committee will be looking for in each section of the report. Don't get afraid of the 30 page maximum for the report, sometimes shorter is better. So be clear. Be concise. And get your report submitted!