The Actuarial Foundation has built a network of leading actuaries from across the country to volunteer as mentors for educators and their students. Mentors can assist students by providing ideas, inspiration, and guidance on how to create strong mathematical models for the MTF Challenge. Additionally, mentors will be able to help educators with guidance on how to incorporate actuarial science into your classroom or educational activities.

Actuary mentors can be requested to support your school, classroom, or individual students on their submissions. Mentors can provide guidance, but cannot provide specific direction related to the rules or judging of any submissions. In some locations, mentors are available to meet with you in person, but in most areas mentorship will be conducted through email and phone conversations. Please note whether you would like to have an in-person mentor for your students if one is available.

We encourage all educators and students to signup for an actuarial mentor for the MTF Challenge.

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