The Actuarial Foundation has built a network of leading actuaries from across the country to volunteer as mentors for educators and their students. Mentors can assist students by providing ideas, inspiration, and guidance on how to create strong mathematical models for the MTF Challenge. Additionally, mentors will be able to help educators with guidance on how to incorporate educational activities using actuarial science into the classroom.

For the 2018-2019 Modeling the Future Challenge, all teams that pass phase one by successfully completing the scenario response questions will be recognized as semi-finalists and be assigned an actuarial mentor through our volunteer network. Mentors will follow a specific process throughout Phase two of the competition to help semi-finalist teams. Each mentor will meet with their teams for two one-hour virtual sessions. The first session will provide early guidance on how to move forward from the team’s initial proposal. The second session will provide feedback on the team’s Preliminary Report.

There is no process to request a mentor prior to being accepted as a semi-finalist and being invited to Phase two of the competition. All teams receiving mentors must successfully pass the Scenario Response questions first.