John Hanson Memorial Educator Math Grants

The Actuarial Foundation will be providing a limited number of $500 John Hanson Memorial Educator Math Grants to MTF Challenge educators (formal or informal) to help engage their students in STEM using the Modeling the Future Challenge. To apply for these grants, educators must complete the online form below describing how the grant would be used to help their students connect with STEM, particularly mathematics, using the Modeling the Future Challenge. Educators must describe what supplies, events, or activities will be purchased with the grant and how this will help their students participate in the challenge.

Grant Eligibility

Any formal or informal high school educator in the United States reaching ten or more junior or senior grade level students (or the equivalent in an informal educational organization) is eligible. Eligible educators can teach any subject, but must demonstrate a plan to use the MTF Challenge to engage their students in mathematics and encourage them to pursue mathematically related college and career opportunities.

Grant Requirements

  1. Recipients must teach junior or senior high school students in either formal or informal settings.
  2. Recipients must engage at least ten junior or senior high school students in the Modeling the Future Challenge during the program year the math grant is awarded.
  3. Recipients must use the math grant funds to engage their students in the Modeling the Future Challenge. Funds may be used for: classroom materials and supplies, student trips to educational facilities and organizations (such as museums or universities), or student trips to meet with industry partners and mentors relevant to the Modeling the Future Challenge.

Application Deadline

The 2018 application deadline will be announced shortly. Make sure to register for updates to get the latest news and information about the MTF  Challenge and grant opportunities.

History of the John Hanson Memorial Prize

In 1985, members of the Conference Board and Conference members of the Conference of Consulting Actuaries (Conference) established a prize in memory of John Hanson to recognize his contributions to actuarial literature. A long-time treasurer of the Conference, Mr. Hanson’s papers on pension funding and accounting set the standard for this important topic. In 2017, The Actuarial Foundation and The John Hanson Family Foundation established the new John Hanson Memorial Educator Math Grants. The educator math grants are awarded as part of the Foundation’s annual Modeling the Future Challenge national math competition.

2017 John Hanson Memorial Math Grant Recipients

Sue Baloun

Mathematics Teacher

Cochrane Fountain City High School

Fountain City, Wisconsin

Geoffrey Estes

Calculus, Precalculus and Robotics teacher

Harrisonburg High School

Harrisonburg, Virginia

Madison Shipley

High School Math Teacher

Denver, CO

Lori Woods

Algebra II and Honors Geometry Teacher

Danville High School

Danville, Illinois