Summer 2018 Educator Advisor Contract Opportunity

The Modeling the Future Challenge seeks up to 5 high school mathematics educators to serve as paid Educator Advisors during the summer. All requirements for advisors will be completed in June through August. We seek educators who teach junior or senior level mathematics, particularly statistics, mathematical modeling, probability, calculus or similar courses. As a 2018 Educator Advisor you will help our team create the key documents and materials that will be used in the 2018-2019 MTF Challenge.  Particularly you will work with our Challenge Development Committee to:

  1. Produce Scenario Response Topics and a set of 10 to 15 questions on each topic for the 2018-2019 Challenge.
  2. Refine the challenge rules and scoring rubric.
  3. Draft the Technology Theme for the Challenge.

Compensation: $1000


  1. Participate in at least 3 teleconferences during the summer to refine the Scenario Response Topics, Scoring Rubric, and Technology Theme.
  2. Draft 1 Scenario Response Topic including a scenario description, mock data-sets, and a set of at least 10 mathematical modeling questions. Topics will follow a general template provided by our Challenge Development Committee. Topics should be appropriate for a junior/senior level high school student.
  3. Provide written feedback on the draft scoring rubric to the Challenge Development Committee, and help draft written descriptions about each criteria.
  4. Help draft the Technology Theme statement and sample data-sets that will be provided. You will research the technology topic selected by the Challenge Development Committee and help identify the specific areas in which students can craft their reports, and will help identify real data sets which will be made available to students for their mathematical models.

Estimated Hours:

The commitment for this role should take no more than 20 hours spread out over 2.5 months and can be done as a part-time contract on your own schedule.


Educator Advisors will engage in 3 teleconference meetings during the summer - one in June, one in July, and in august. The first meeting will introduce advisors to the existing materials and structure for the MTF Challenge, and will setup the advisors to begin working on producing the materials required. The second teleconference will review the materials drafted with the Challenge Development Committee, gather feedback with the committee and then set out to finalize the materials. The third meeting will review final documents and ensure that everything is structured as desired and ready for use during the school year. Work developing the required materials can be done on your own schedule, at your own location, but all materials must be complete by August 13th.


To apply to be a Modeling the Future Challenge Educator Advisor for the summer of 2018, please email as soon as possible, but no later than Thursday, June 14th with:

  • A 1 page cover letter explaining your interest and connection to mathematical modeling and actuarial science.
  • A curriculum vitae or resume identifying where you have taught and what subjects.
  • One example of a related lesson plan or curriculum materials that you created.

We look forward to hearing from you!