Special Tuition Rewards Offer for 2020-21 Modeling the Future Challenge Juniors

Frederick Townsend, a retired actuary, and principal in SAGE Scholars is offering 8,000 Tuition Rewards Points to every 11th-grade student who participated in the Modeling the Future Challenge competition, sponsored by The Actuarial Foundation, in the 2020-2021 school year.

To join this special opportunity and earn guaranteed college scholarships for your student, enroll your 11th grader in the SAGE Scholars Tuition Rewards program by August 31, 2021. Each student must be sponsored by a parent or adult family member. The sponsor (adult account holder) will receive 2,500 Tuition Rewards Points at registration, and the student will receive 1,000 Tuition Reward Points at registration. Students can then earn up to 4,500 additional Tuition Rewards Points by completing their student profile prior to August 31, 2021.

Each Tuition Reward Point is equal to a $1.00 discount off of the published list price of tuition, divided equally over four years of undergraduate education, at over 420 private colleges and universities in the SAGE Scholars Consortium (see a full list at Tuition Rewards are minimum guaranteed scholarships, and students may apply for additional financial aid if needed.

To register a student, the sponsor must go to, enter the program code “MTFC“, and follow the instructions to set up a Tuition Rewards account.