Societal Impact data

The information in the links below provide data, references, and background knowledge about how people think autonomous vehicles may impact various areas of society. Use these articles and websites to help think about the area(s) you would like to evaluate in your report. Students submitting to the Modeling the Future Challenge can use these resources to help create their models, but students are not limited to only using references and data from the sites provided. The information found in these links is not owned or operated by the Modeling the Future Challenge and should be properly cited in any submitted report. Remember, to score well on this section of your report, you must include validation and mathematical analysis for all the claims you make about how autonomous vehicles may impact society.

Why Senior Citizens Are Going to Love Autonomous Cars | Digital Trends

At the Consumer Electronics Show this year, most of the talk from automakers was about autonomous cars. Information in this article discusses how senior citizens may be large users of the new technology. Autonomous vehicles may have a great impact on the life-styles of many senior citizens.

How the Driverless Car Could Transform Cities

Mckinsey & Co. produced this article examining how cities could be affected with the adoption of driverless cars. There are many ways that this could impact cities including public spaces, changing traffic partners, the way buildings are constructed, and much more.

Self-Driving Cars Effects on Cities Depend on Who Owns Them

This article from Slate discusses interesting ideas on how autonomous vehicles could have different effects on a city depending on who purchases the new technology. Take a look at the video embedded in this article for some a more visual look at the possibilities.