Insurance Industry data

The information in the links below provide data, references, and background knowledge about the Insurance Industry to help student's make projections on how autonomous vehicle may affect the industry over the next 10+ years. Students submitting to the Modeling the Future Challenge can use these resources to help create their models, but students are not limited to only using references and data from the sites provided. The information found in these links is not owned or operated by the Modeling the Future Challenge and should be properly cited in any submitted report.

For an overview of Insurance Industry Data check out this PDF brief from the American Academy of Actuaries:

AutoInsurance Essential Elements


WIRED Article: This article provides an overview on how some insurance companies are thinking autonomous vehicles will change the insurance industry.




NPR Article: provides an interesting review on the question of who should carry insurance for self-driving cars, the driver, or the company? Or someone else?

Self-Driving Cars Raise Questions About Who Carries Insurance


ACCENTURE: this page from the consulting firm Accenture provides a great overview of some of the issues coming ahead with autonomous vehicles, particularly of interest here is their look on the impact on insurance.

Plotting a Route to the Driverless Car Future


Personal & Commercial Auto Insurance Trend Data

The Actuarial Foundation has partnered with Insurance Services Office Inc. to provide educators and students participating in the MTF Challenge data on automobile insurance claims for the past 20 years. The available data provides information for both liability claims and collision claims including for each year, the frequency of claims and the average cost of claims. Combining this data with additional information from other sources about the adoption of autonomous vehicles will help students create models for how the insurance industry will be affected by this technology.

Access to this data is only available to registered Educators and Students competing for the Modeling the Future Challenge. This data is not to be reproduced or distributed for any purposes outside of participating in this challenge. Access to the data is only available to users with accounts on the MTF Challenge site, and you must be logged in to access this information.

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