MTFC Team Registration is Open Every Fall

The Modeling the Future Challenge uses the ICS Portal to host team registration, submissions, and evaluations. If you participated in a previous Modeling the Future Challenge, you can use the same user account information from the past competition. If you do not already have an account on the ICS Portal, you will first need to create one before registering your MTFC team. Schools may register as many teams as they like (1 to 5 students per team). Any adult (18+) may be a coach, and coaches may have as many teams as they like. Students may only be on one team.

Once you are logged in to your ICS account there are two ways to register a team: (1) through the Modeling the Future Challenge page, or (2) through your user Dashboard (the green link at top right) My Teams page.

Once you have registered your team, you can also add members to the team, and setup your team coach, view the Challenge Scenarios, and submit your Phase One files. Once your Scenario Response and Project Proposal are submitted, they will be reviewed and if approved, your team will be invited to the Project Phase of the competition!