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Registering Your Team

Registration for teams will open in September, date to be announced!

MTF Challenge Team Registration requires creating an account through the Institute of Competition Sciences’ online platform. If you participated in a previous Modeling the Future Challenge, you can use the same user account information to register teams for the previous challenges. If you do not already have an account on the ICS system, you can create one by clicking the button below.

To register a new team for the Modeling the Future Challenge, login to your ICS account or register for an ICS account by clicking the button below. Once you have an account created and you have logged in, find your Dashboard (the green link in the top right of the page when logged in). On the Dashboard find the “My Teams” page. Click the “Register New Team” button. Then select the competition you’re registering for. Complete the form, click the button to “Register Team” and your team is all set to go!

Once you have registered the team, you can also add members to the team. Members are other students (or your coach if you are a student creating the team) who will have access to see team information and upload submission documents. To add members give them the team member link found in your team information page, and the team password you setup. They will have to go to that link and input the team password. This will send you a membership request that you can either approve or deny. Once you approve them as a member, they’ll have access to the team information and submission details.

Now View the Resources & Submit Your Qualifying Responses!

Once you have registered your team, get started on reviewing the resources and the qualifying scenarios. For more details on the steps to take through this process, check out the How It Works page.