The Modeling the Future Challenge partners with 13 mathematics, statistics, and actuarial science departments at leading universities across the country to host On-Campus Scenario Workshops for high school students. Express your interest in participating in one of these FREE field trips today!

The MTFC On-Campus Student Workshops are in-person, single day field-trips that engage high school students in hands-on learning about real-world uses of statistics, mathematical modeling, data science, and risk analysis. Students will learn how to apply what they learn in high school mathematics classes to their college and career opportunities with actuarial science. They will be guided through the Modeling the Future Challenge (MTFC) process. They will have a campus tour and have the chance to talk with university students, faculty, and volunteer actuaries. To cap the event off, students will be guided through a live MTFC scenario activity to help prepare for the competition. Your students will learn how actuaries approach data science, mathematical modeling, and risk analysis to get a leg up on competing in the MTFC.

High schools within driving distance of one of our 13 university partners can get support to bring their mathematics or computer science classes to campus for this 1-day field trip experience. And, thanks to the support of The Actuarial Foundation and its sponsors, these events are completely free to schools! Give your students a taste of college life and help prepare them for success in their future college and career opportunities!

Benefits for Educators: 

  • Get a FREE 1-day field trip to a university campus for your students (with costs covered by The Actuarial Foundation).
  • Motivate students to apply their analytical skills to solve real-world problems.
  • Increase students’ interest in Mathematics, Data Science, Analytics, and Actuarial Science.
  • Learn about the MTFC and how to be successful in the qualifying scenarios and project phases of the competition.

Benefits for Students: 

  • Get guidance on preparing for the Modeling the Future Challenge.
  • Receive help identifying topics for your MTFC project.
  • Collaborate with college students and faculty on past MFTC qualifying scenarios.
  • Learn about exciting careers in Actuarial Science.
  • Meet with current students, practicing actuaries, and professors.
  • Learn about the Actuarial Science Program at the university.
  • Take a tour of the campus!
Scenario Workshops will take place in late October or early November during school hours. Specific dates and times will be coordinated with schools that have expressed interest and been accepted for the program. Lunch and stipends for bussing and substitute teachers (if required) will be provided. Due to limitations on space at the universities, not all schools will be able to participate. Express your interest as soon as possible to get on the list!


Please express your interest in bringing your students to an On-Campus Workshop no later than Friday, September 16 at 11:59pm Pacific.