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Getting Started with the MTFC

Get your hands dirty with real-world data analysis! The Actuarial Foundation is challenging high school students to make the best recommendations to companies,  organizations, or government agencies based on their own mathematical modeling of future trends and risk analysis. Top teams are invited to compete for a $60,000 prize purse at the annual Modeling the Future Symposium! The information below provides a high-level overview of the steps to successfully compete in the Modeling the Future Challenge. For specific rules, tips, deadlines, and other details, make sure to visit the links in each step here, and review the “How it Works” page – particularly the “Process” information. Team Registration opens in September!

Step 1: Get Informed.
The first thing to do is sign up for email updates on the important milestones, deadlines & early-access opportunities such as grants and training seminars.

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Step 2: Review the Resources
Check out the Example Scenarios to help your team with the qualifying phase of the challenge. Check out the Project Guide to get tips on how to complete the full research project and write your report.
Step 3: Register Your Team
In September, the qualifying phase of the Challenge opens. This is when you can register your team and get access to the Scenario Response topics to qualify for the main research challenge. Stay tuned to the email newsletter for reminders on the deadlines and milestones.
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Step 4: Complete a Qualifying Scenario
The qualifying phase of the MTFC is from September to December. During this time teams must complete one qualifying scenario response topic to enter the main MTF project competition. Scenarios can be completed at any time until the due date and are reviewed on a rolling basis. So the earlier you get going, the more time you'll have for your main project!
Step 5: Complete the Project
The final piece of submitting for the MTFC awards is to complete your MTFC project following the process found in "How it Works." The MTFC projects task teams with analyzing real-world data to project trends, identify risks, and make recommendations to the groups involved. See the "Project Guide" in the resources for specific tips and guidance on completing a competitive project report!


The Actuarial Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization, is the philanthropic organization for the actuarial industry in the United States. The Foundation promotes lifelong math education and financial literacy through its learning resources and scholarships. The Modeling the Future Challenge is managed in partnership with The Institute of Competition Sciences. If you are interested in getting involved as a volunteer or have any questions about registering a team in the competition, contact us using the email or phone below.

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