Congratulations to our Modeling the Future Challenge Finalists for the 2022-23 Season! 

This year, 114 teams with 467 students participating from 22 states qualified for the Project Phase of the Challenge, and these 13 teams were chosen to present their projects at the 2023 Symposium.


More Than a Sunburn

Newton North High School

Newton, MA

Youcef Chahboun, Michael Dai, Jennifer Li, Davis Rattanavijai, Tsubasa Tamura

Coach: Michele Widener


An Analysis of Environmental Conditions and Factors on Drought Severity in California

Montgomery Blair High School

Silver Spring, MD

Ace Chun, Steven Wang, Michael Wang, Isabelle Yang, Daniel He

Coach: David Stein


Effects of Copper Mining on Water Quality in Arizona

West-Windsor Plainsboro High School North

Plainsboro, NJ

Ishan Guthikonda, Bhaumik Mehta, Panav Pallothu, Shreyus Vadhavkar, Alex Wang

Coach: Padma Koneru

The Last

Dying at the Top: Death on Mount Everest

Newton North High School

Newton, MA

Jace Sawicka

Coach: Michele Widener


An Analysis of Severe Winds on Texas Counties’ Annual Cotton Yields

West Ranch High School

Stevenson Ranch, CA

Alyssa Chang, Brandon Chang, Jayden Cho, Kent Gao, Omkar Guha

Coach: Michelle McCormick


Invisible Threats to Our Healthcare: Risk analysis of Data Breaches in Healthcare Sector

Stevenson High School

Lincolnshire, IL

Tyler Li, Alex Lin, Kevin Shen, Alexander Wang

Coach: Yi Yang

SC Data
Raider 3

An Evaluation of Dryland Salinity in Australia

ESUHSD/Silver Creek High School

San Jose, CA

Abhinav Gorrepati, Shreyans Jain, Sarthak Jain, Vinay Singamsetty, Ryan Tabatabai

Coach: Imani Butler


KESSYM: A stochastic orbital debris model for evaluation of Kessler Syndrome risks and mitigations

New Trier High School

Winnetka, IL

Julia Hudson

Coach: Hoyt Hudson

University School

Breaking the Cycle: Reducing Recidivism in Iowa State Prisons

Memphis University School

Memphis, TN

Amar Kanakamedala, Jeffrey Liu, Evan Wu, Henry Yu, Lou Zhou

Coach: Steve Gadbois

Mission Math

Healthy Neighborhoods Louisville: Uncovering the Socioeconomic Drivers of Chronic Disease

duPont Manual High School

Louisville, KY

Jilly Choi, Sai Javvadi, Douglas Lin, Farhan Sheikh, Gopalaniruddh Tadinada

Coach: Surekha Panganamamula


Using Jet Engine Data to Produce More Economical and Efficient Maintenance Schedules

Maggie L. Walker Governor’s School

Richmond, VA

Shorya Malani, Anmol Mital, Risshi Naavaal, Aaron Wang

Coach: Dickson Benesh

MTFC Regional Finalist Team


The Grand Migration: Analysis of the Lobster Population Dynamics and its Financial Implications

Newton North High School

Newton, MA

Ethan Hu, Alex Kuai, Aaron Paker, Yuhan Wu, Andrew Zhuo

Coach: Michele Widener

MTFC Regional Finalist Team

Team 0

The Barrier Between: Risk Analysis of Sea/Tide Level Rise in Boston

Whitney High School

Cerritos, CA

Pranil Arsid, Jay Parikh, Sohan Sahay

Coach: Steven Ou