MTFC Educator Training Grant Application Process

23 students

Please go through each module of the course and complete each step to qualify to receive the $100 Educator Training Grant stipend.

Click the Enroll button below to get started! First, you’ll be prompted to Register, then once registered you will land on your LearnPress profile page. From there you can click the link in the description to go back to the Course, where you’ll need to go back down to the Enroll button now that you’re a logged in and registered user. Once you click Enroll after registering, you’ll be set to enter the Modules!

If you have any questions please contact Kaitlan at

  • Introduction to MTFC Educator Training Grant Program

    Welcome to the introduction to the Modeling the Future Challenge Educator Training Grant Program! We are excited to have you here. Please review the introductory lesson before moving on to the next lesson.

  • MTFC Educator Training Grant Workshop Video

    Please view this previous recording of the Training Grant Workshop. If you have any questions that are not addressed in the video please ask your questions below in the discussion area or contact Kaitlan at

  • MTFC Educator Training Grant Agreement Form

    Please review the form in the lesson below, sign it, and re-upload back to the page.

  • MTFC Educator Training Grant Project Proposal Submission

    Please submit your project proposal using the template in the lesson below, and please be advised it must be no more than one page long.

  • MTFC Educator Training Grant Webinar Participation
  • MTFC Educator Training Grant Team Registration

    On September 14th 2020, you can begin registering your team. You will not be eligible for the $100 educator grant award unless you register at least one team for MTFC. The link to register will become available September 14th, check back here to register when ready!