Actuarial Community, we need your vote!

High School student teams in the final round of the Modeling the Future Challenge are working hard on the final phase of their projects and soon judges will decide through rigorous rubric evaluation and live Q&A jury session which ones will receive scholarship prizes. We invite the actuarial community to learn more about these amazing students and the projects they have chosen by selecting one to receive Community Choice Recognition!

What criteria should you use when voting for a team to receive the Community Choice Recognition? There is no rubric for this selection – it is YOUR choice based on your experience and expertise! We have selected the Top 5 of the 15 2023-24 Finalist teams based on the engaging qualities of the video presentation. Some questions you could ask yourself when considering what team to vote for:

  • Topic: What team do you think best modeled future risks of their topic?
  • Communication: What team do you think best communicated their project with a creative and engaging video?
  • Recommendation: What team identified a recommendation to manage or mitigate a risk that could have the most impact and significance?

This Community Choice Recognition highlights a student team for a valuable topic and presentation that could make a difference based on the qualitative perspectives that you in the actuarial community bring! Use the questions above as guidance and select your favorite project for Community Choice Recognition based on which team YOU feel has the most engaging communication about their project. The most important criteria for you is to have FUN while voting!

Click on each video + abstract for each of the finalists and select the project you think could really make a difference!

Community Choice Recognition Finalists

Team Name

City, State

Title of Project

Team Name

City, State

Title of Project

Team Name

City, State

Title of Project

Risky Business

Worcester, MA

We’ll Whether the Weather


Hoover, AL

Mitigating Socioeconomic, Environmental, and Lifestyle Factors on Obesity Rates in the United States

Guess and Check

Newton, MA

The Charged Tempest: Assessing Hurricane Impacts on Power Grid Integrity and Social Consequences


Stevenson Ranch, CA

An Analysis on the Role of Snap Inc.’s Snapchat on Surging Cases in California Amidst the U.S. National Fentanyl Crisis

The C-Team

Richmond, VA

THESE FIRES BE WILDIN’: Risk Evaluation Wildfire Insurance Coverage in California

Make sure to cast your vote by Wednesday, May 1!