Submission Requirements

Starting with the 2018-2019 competition, the Modeling the Future Challenge will have three phases.

  1. In phase one students must respond to a series of scenarios that will be posted online. Each scenario will have approximately ten questions requiring various levels of data analysis and mathematical modeling to answer.
  2. Phase two requires teams selected as semi-finalist to identify one way they think the technology theme for the competition will change the future and develop their own mathematical models to characterize that change. Students must then write up their research in a report and submit it online.
  3. The final phase of the competition is the Modeling the Future Symposium. Finalist teams will be invited to the symposium where they will present their final research reports and conclusions to a panel of judges.

Complete information on the Phase one Scenarios, Phase two reports, and Phase three Presentations will be announced in July. Stay tuned for more information! Signup for our email list to receive important updates and notifications on the Challenge!