Apply to be a Challenge Ambassador today!

Are you a former MTFC participant and interested in getting volunteer hours, graphic design/marketing experience, and continuing your connection with the MTFC? Read on to learn about the Challenge Ambassador Program and how you can apply to join us. AboutFor the upcoming season of the Modeling the Future Challenge, we are offering a chance for […]

Learn more about the MTFC at our upcoming Informational Webinar

The Modeling the Future Challenge is excited to announce the next season of the Modeling the Future Challenge (MTFC) for the 2022-2023 academic year. The MTFC is a real-world competition for high school students combining math modeling, data analysis, and risk management into one exciting challenge! To compete, students conduct their own research project modeling […]

Congrats to the 2022 MTFC Finalists!

The Actuarial Foundation is proud to announce the finalists in the 2021-2022 Modeling the Future Challenge, a national scholarship competition giving  high school students the opportunity to predict the future and solve world problems. Student participants in the Challenge take on the role of aspiring actuaries by completing a math modeling project and presenting their research […]

Math Teacher Challenges

Hi, I’m high school math teacher Vo Nguyen. In a series of Q&A video blogs, I’d like to share my journey with you about how and why I got involved with The Actuarial Foundation’s Modeling the Future Challenge. Here are the links to the first three parts of the series if you missed them: Part […]

Why I Give Back to Students and How You Can Too

In your view, what is the Modeling the Future Challenge and how does it prepare tomorrow’s leaders? The Modeling the Future Challenge is a wonderful opportunity for high school students to take the math, statistics, and modeling knowledge they’ve learned in the classroom and elsewhere and apply it to real-world topics that interest them. When […]

Well-Deserved Accolades

Congratulations to friend of The Actuarial Foundation, Josh Neubert, on being recognized with an SOA Presidential Award! Every year, the current president of the Society of Actuaries (SOA) recognizes outstanding individuals during that president’s term. In 2021, Foundation Emeritus Trustee and SOA President Roy Goldman, Ph.D., FSA, MAAA, CERA, honored Josh Neubert, CEO of the […]

Fall 2021 Educator Training Program

The Modeling the Future Challenge (MTFC) is hosting a professional development, educator training program for high school mathematics and computer science educators in October 2020. The program will train educators on the “Actuarial Process” and the new open theme for the Modeling the Future Challenge. You will learn to incorporate data analysis, trend projections, risk […]

Cyber Security and Ransomware information for MTFC projects

Ransomware and cyber security attacks are some of the largest risks for companies and government agencies these days. With more and more information and data being accessible online, the prevalence and severity of ransomware continues to grow. While there are some articles addressing certain ransomware types and specific events, there remains a lack of a […]

Special Tuition Rewards Offer for 2020-21 Modeling the Future Challenge Juniors

Frederick Townsend, a retired actuary, and principal in SAGE Scholars is offering 8,000 Tuition Rewards Points to every 11th-grade student who participated in the Modeling the Future Challenge competition, sponsored by The Actuarial Foundation, in the 2020-2021 school year. To join this special opportunity and earn guaranteed college scholarships for your student, enroll your 11th […]