About the Program

For the upcoming 2022-2023 Season of the Modeling the Future Challenge,  we are offering a chance for 15 past participants to join our second group of MTFC Ambassadors! Ambassadors will collaborate on a monthly basis with the Challenge Management Team to create inspiring, thought provoking, and engaging content about the MTFC and the Actuarial Process. What challenges can you solve? What risks can you overcome? What recommendations can you present? You will be guided by our team in creating new digital content that shares your experiences and helps connect with new participants.

Ambassadors will be provided with a monthly engagement prompt from October through April to create marketing content that will be published on the MTFC channels. Content can be in multiple forms including video, animation, graphics, pictures with captions, or blog articles. You will not be required to post these on your own social media accounts, so there is no need to make personal accounts public. Are you up to the challenge to join our team and become an MTFC Ambassador?


  • Previous participation in the MTFC since 2018
  • Successful completion of the Project Phase
  • Signed photo release waiver (by parent/guardian if under 18)


Why become an ambassador? 

  • Certified volunteer hours from a nonprofit organization
  • Merch: t-shirt & sticker
  • Graphic design & branding experience
  • Networking opportunity at the 2023 Symposium

Applications close Friday, September 16 at 11:59pm Pacific.