Educator Advisory Committee

The Educator Advisory Committee supports the Modeling the Future Challenge by providing the educator’s perspective on the content, resources, and support systems. Committee members are a critical component in the development of strong resources and professional development materials. It is our goal to make sure that every teacher (formal, informal, home-school, afterschool, etc.) can use this Challenge to help engage their students in the exciting world of forward looking mathematical projection.

  • Andrew Whitmire, Destination Imagination Inc., Informal STEM Educator
  • Hector Ibarra, Informal STEM Educator
  • Douglas Baldwin, Piscataway High School, Mathematics Educator
  • Peter Han, Informal STEM Educator
  • Cristina Abeyta, Las Montanas High School, Mathematics Educator
  • Melissa Mejia, Gadsden High School, STEM Educator
  • Clint Darr, Informal STEM Educator
  • Claudia Perez, Las Cruces High School, STEM Educator
  • Debbie Hernandez, Gadsden High School, STEM Educator

If you are a high school educator of any type, from formal or informal education, and would like to learn more about becoming a member of the Educator Advisory Committee for upcoming Modeling the Future Challenges, please contact: