2020-21 Educator Training Program

The Modeling the Future Challenge (MTFC) is hosting a professional development, educator training program for high school mathematics and computer science educators in August, 2020. The program will train educators on the “Actuarial Process” and the new open theme for the Modeling the Future Challenge. You will learn to incorporate data analysis, trend projections, risk analysis, decision analysis, and other actuarial concepts into your mathematics programs. These professional development activities for formal educators are made available through the support of the John Hanson Family Foundation.

The training program consists of:

  • A two-hour virtual workshop in August, sample materials, project templates, and a follow up webinar in September.
  • Step-by-step support for trained educators throughout the Modeling the Future Challenge process for their students.
  • Materials developed by leading actuaries for educators. You’ll learn new skills to improve how you connect your classroom with real-world data and teach your students to solve problems and make business recommendations based on their own mathematical analyses.


Addressing a Need

Educators have consistently ranked providing “real-world connections” as the number one need for their mathematics classrooms.

The nature of the MTFC directly connects students with the actuarial industry and helps students learn how to use math to analyze data, project future trends, analyze risks and make important recommendations on how to respond to the expected changes. This training will help you connect your students with real-world analytical problems using data analysis, mathematical modeling, and actuarial science to evaluate risks and propose recommendations on how to manage those risks for the best possible future.

Training Program Details

The MTF Educator Training Program consists of:

  • Online-Workshop (August): a two-hour virtual training workshop will take place through an online Zoom conference room. Educators do not need to travel anywhere for this training and can do the program in the comfort of their own classroom or home. The workshop will guide educators through the new open theme of the MTFC and will explore each of the five steps of the “Actuarial Process.” The workshop will conclude by examining some sample scenarios and example projects. Four dates in August have been arranged for this workshop. Educators can select any of these dates to participate in. You only need to join one workshop date.
  • Project Template (September): you will be provided with a project template in addition to other sample materials. To complete your training, you will submit your own “Project Proposal” to the MTFC staff. Our staff and volunteer mentors will provide you will feedback on the proposal to help you understand fully what the Actuarial Process, and the MTFC Project structure is. To complete your training, your Project Proposals will be due by September 11th. This will allow us to give you feedback in a timely manner before your students begin the MTFC.
  •  Post Training Review Webinar (September 21): after concluding the online workshop and submitting your project proposal, we will host a final review webinar where we will examine some of the project proposals and share specific tips and guidelines to help you guide your students through identifying and defining their own MTFC projects.


Online Workshop Dates

  • Training Workshop Option 1 – August 5, 12:00pm Pacific Time
  • Training Workshop Option 2 – August 11, 2:00pm Pacific Time
  • Training Workshop Option 3 – August 20, 10:00am Pacific Time
  • Training Workshop Option 4 – August 27, 3:00pm Pacific Time

Closing Review Webinar – September 21, 2:00pm Pacific Time

To complete the training, educators need only attend one training workshop along with the closing review webinar. On your application form, educators must indicate which of the training workshops you would be able to participate in.


Educator Compensation

Selected educators will receive a $100 stipend to compensate their time spent on the training. After completing the training workshop and post-workshop assessment, educators will receive a certificate of completion from The Actuarial Foundation demonstrating that the educator has successfully learned the skillsets needed to teach the “Actuarial Process” including: math modeling, data analysis, trend projections, risk analysis, and decision analysis into their mathematics programs.



There is limited availability for Modeling the Future Training Workshops and they are on a first come basis for eligible educators. Requirements for participation include:

  • You must be a school teacher. Afterschool club or activity leaders will be accepted to the training provided that they are also mathematics teachers during the school day.
  • You must have taught a Statistics, Probability, Math Modeling, computer sciences, or related academic course for at least one school year prior to the 2020-21 school year.
  • You must be scheduled to teach a Statistics, Probability, Math Modeling, computer science, or related academic course for the 2020-21 school year.
  • You must commit to coaching at least one Modeling the Future Challenge team for the 2020-21 competition.

To apply, complete the online application form as soon as possible and no later than August 14th, 2020. With only 50 slots for this training program, it is expected to fill up quickly, so make sure to submit your interest as soon as possible to claim your spot.

For questions, contact Kaitlan Holley at kaitlan@competitionsciences.org

More details:

2020-21 Modeling the Future Challenge Academic Structure

The 2020-21 MTFC is launching an open-theme where students will be able to identify their own research project – similar in nature to how students pursue science fair projects. To help in defining and conducting a project, we have created the “Actuarial Process.” This is a five-step, set of standardized procedures that your students can follow to identify, define, and conduct their MTFC project.

Completing the MTFC Educator Training Program will improve your skills in guiding students through the full requirements of the MTF Challenge and help your students be better equipped for real-world mathematically oriented careers. You will be provided with a set of lesson plans, sample scenarios, example projects, and project templates to help you take what you learn and put it into practice with your students. The training program will give you expert skills at using the “Actuarial Process” with your students to help connect your mathematical lessons with real-world data-science, risk analysis, mathematics-based recommendations.