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Qualifying Teams Announced!

The 2019-20 Qualifying Phase of the 2019-20 MTF Challenge has now concluded. 170 Teams across the country joined the competition. 98 of those teams qualified for the Modeling the Future Challenge Project Phase. These teams are now being matched with actuary mentors from The Actuarial Foundation’s volunteer network to get started on their own projects. Student teams will analyze real-world data, project future trends, identify risks, and make recommendations to the agricultural industry and government agencies about how to respond to those risks being brought about by changes to our climate and water availability.

Past Winners

About the Challenge

The Modeling the Future Challenge is a real-world math-modeling and data-analysis competition for high school students. To compete, students analyze real-world data to project future trends and make recommendations to help mitigate risks. Join the challenge to put your critical thinking, mathematical reasoning, and analytical skills to the test! You’ll also have a shot at your part of the $60,000 award purse! Learn more in the “How it Works” page, but your first and most important step is to signup for email updates to get the important news and milestones!


Our program guides, worksheets, scenario examples, and other resources provide educators with unique materials that can be used in mathematics, science, and computer science classrooms. Our materials use data analysis and critical thinking scenarios to connect what students are learning in the classroom with real-world needs. The materials help guide your students not only through mathematical analyses, but also through the critical thinking process, risk management, and actuarial logic.  Our student resources provide guidance and examples to help teams get started in the MTFC. Check out all the resources at the two links below.

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Qualifying Teams Announced!

170 teams from across the country have participated in this year’s MTF Challenge and we are happy to announce 98…

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